Friday, October 25, 2019

I Have Not Left!

As I type this, I have a wonderful "apple-and-peach" crisp bubbling in the oven. It smells like autumn. No big deal as recipes go. BUT this recipe is different. Why? It uses canned, not fresh, "fried" apples and peaches (not to be confused with the thick snotty canned fruit filling). It also utilizes a store-bought package of cinnamon-nutmeg crumb topping. Just add butter! Seriously, this is too easy and delicious not to make.

When that incredible cobbler comes out of the oven ... in goes a one-pound fillet of marinated fresh salmon.

I love salmon, but I get so tired of boring recipes. Or just kind of serving it plain. Don't you?

This recipe is anything but!

I've been working on it for two weeks and I am now confident of the measured ingredients and how each plays off each other to create a unique but delicious salmon filet.  Think Thai sweet chili, lime, ginger, honey. A bit of fresh garlic. Served with simple, buttered, white rice and a green side such as spinach, kale, broccoli or Brussel sprouts, I am confident it will be your new go-to salmon dinner.

So, let's get ready for winter recipes! Are you in?

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