Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Easy Frozen Pizza, Enhanced

Would you believe this is a frozen pizza from the grocery store?

It is! (And, yes, I know you want it NOW!)

Dr. Oekter is a German-based food company with origins back to the 1800's. Throughout Europe, it is known for such things as cake mixes and cake decorating items.

And frozen pizzas.

My European-based grocery store does not carry the entire line of their incredible pizzas, but I've yet to be disappointed with any they do stock.

The "thin crust" is perfect. Crisp but tender without being dry like a cracker.

These pizzas do not "ooze" tomato-sauce. Instead the sauce spotlights the toppings to take center stage. The flavors are fresh, clean, and never bitter or acidic.

This spinach selection is my favorite because it lends itself to "doctoring" (no pun intended). On sale, I purchase it at my grocery store for $3.99. Yes, you heard me. $3.99!

Halfway through the baking process, I top it with two shredded slices of smoked deli-ham and 2-3 slices of torn, white, American-cheese. Sometimes, I use a slight handful or two of blended Italian cheeses in place of the American cheese. I always powder it with a light sprinkle of smoked paprika to enhance and mimic the outdoor flavor of barbecue.

This pizza is already purchased with Edam and mozzarella cheeses. With my additions, it is an enhancement that floats above heaven.

Feast your eyes on all that cheesy-hammy-spinachy goodness! I'm never, ever disappointed when this pops out of the oven and then lovingly melts into my mouth with that perfect pillowy-crunch of crust.

Honestly, better than most pizzas for which I pay twice the pay-tag. And no tipping needed for home delivery!

But don't stop with these toppings. Maybe some black olives? A few thin-sliced red onions and green peppers? Asparagus? Pineapple?

Bottom line? When it comes to frozen pizza, think out of that frozen box. Be the artist of its canvas-crust. What colors and flavors will you add?

Yes, you can create a masterpiece!