Thursday, August 31, 2023

How to Make a Fresh Summer Tomato Galette And Miss Phyllis' "Homerun" Tomato Pie

Remember, tomatoes are fruits. They make great "pies." 

If you've never made a tomato galette, you are in for a real treat. For as long as you live, it is something you will anticipate preparing every summer harvest.

Oh, and it's not real complicated! It is easier than preparing a tomato pie (see below), but equally delicious. Remember, tomatoes are fruits, not vegetables, so they make great pies.

I like the advice from America Test Kitchen to use gruyere cheese on the bottom crust ...  with a thin layer of French mustard. But an aged cheddar would work as well ... to prevent it from turning overly soggy.  If serving warm, I like to add a bit of mozzarella for that ooey-gooey effect. It's your call. Just don't use American cheese or Velveeta!

Try to use multi-colored tomatoes. One yellow always looks nice. If you don't have shallots, use thin-sliced rings of sweet onions. Use a large shallot or two medium. And don't forget the basil.

Seriously, you should make this.

Here are the filling ingredients. Use whatever crust you desire.

I am also including the link to my favorite tomato pie from Phyllis Stokes' website. Sadly, she and her husband have passed. What a fascinating wonderful couple. But her son, Steven, is keeping her channel going, adding his own flair and recipes. She did finally write down the recipe. And do use fresh basil! I also like a bit of fresh pepper and a pinch or two of Italian herbs. It's your call.

Yes, please!

Here are her filling ingredients: