Friday, November 14, 2014

Autumn Pansies

Here in the South, pansies are a staple of autumn. They are lovingly planted in pots, nooks and crannies, and en masse. They last throughout our mild winters. At night, they droop from the weight of the cold. But by midday, they are upright soaking in the sun. Around February and March, they really begin to take root once the soil begins to warm.

I don't understand why being called a "pansy" is a derogative term bereft of valor or manliness. These brave soldiers march through some our coldest weather ... but they always 'weather' the storm. They are true survivors.

I call the feline in the foreground my "cat from Pompeii." When my cat Chalk first saw it, he hissed.
My pumpkins will last until spring. I then crack them open so the squirrels can feast on the seeds.
I seek pumpkins that are marred or different.

My favorite birdbath. It's made of some kind of special cement. It's
heavy as steel!

This little guy has been with me for decades.
Here, he's staring into my living-room window.

Since I live in an apartment, my patio is my yard -- although I've expanded it a bit. The little
fountain in the washtub will gurgle all winter. I like the sound and look of water
in a garden, regardless the size.

The black-eyed Susans (such an unfortunate name for any flower) put on a great show this summer.
They re-seed themselves every year. No garden is complete without them or a daylily or two.

This autumn, we've actually has some wonderful windy days, unusual here in the South.
The weather vane enjoyed it!