Sunday, August 27, 2023

Fruit Galette ... Is the Best!

I felt so grown up and sophisticated when I served my first galette. I had haphazardly (stupidly) invited a few people to join me for a quick dinner/barbecue. Knowing they would expect something nice for dessert ... I debated and debated before settling for a gallette since it was peach season. EZ-PZ. I love peaches with fresh raspberries, so I threw in a few for the color and extra flavor. It was a real hit. A scoop of vanilla  gelato on the side took it over the top for the perfect summer dessert.

A galette is basically a free-form pie. There is no baking dish and really no top crust to speak of. Roll out your dough, fill with fresh fruit. Bake. Cool. Serve. I often just use a Pillsbury rolled crust. 

Unlike the traditional pie that is often randomly piled high with fruit, a galette usually has a single layer of fruit, so less sugar. It's healthy! BUT ... strategically and geometrically place your fruit for eye appeal and compliments.

An apple galette. Food should be visual as well as delicious.

Peach is my favorite. It holds up nice, looks great, and peach pie is simply not very common. Add a bit of raspberries, cherries or blueberries, for contrast. A blueberry galette can be "runny," so be careful; for that, I prefer a cobbler.

The crust is up to you. Use an all-butter crust, an almond crust, a cornmeal crust. 

But don't stop with a sweet, fruity galette. Think savory, such as a tomato/cheese gallette (recipe coming), spinach/mushroom, or potato/ham/cheese/. Click on this link for fifteen show-stopping creations you can prepare in your own kitchen!

I have never used frozen fruit. The whole concept of a galette is FRESH FRESH FRESH. Experiment. Be happy. Figs, plums ... slices of pumpkin with apples ... Cranberries ... Go for it. You are the alphabet . . .  of your galette!

Here is my friend Natasha and her sweet daughter. She will walk you through making a peach galette. She has a great channel with terrific recipes. Subscribe. Enjoy!