Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Most Popular Recipe for 2015


My most popular recipe for 2015 was not a "recipe" at all; not, at least, in the usual sense of ingredients.

But, it was certainly about food.

And feeding; for, food is Love.

It was the video of the feral kittens I have been tending since last September.
Number two was the poem I wrote for my cat, Chalk, whom I had to put to sleep in July. (Yes, I still cry.)

Number three was the recipe for ham sliders. Links below.


The kittens are now pretty much grown. Yearlings. I am "sorry" to say we have lost "Biscuit," the orange-and-white spotted cat, brother to the black-and-white cat, "Boo." Their mother, "Cali" has also disappeared. Oh, she was so incredibly beautiful! She would never eat until her two kittens had their fill. Looking back, I think she had been declawed. Disarmed. I just can't go there ...

Biscuit wanted a home. And I have no doubt he finally found one. He often disappeared for several days and then showed up for breakfast when I showed up. 

Oh, how he debated: "Go? Stay?"

In the end, on the final day I held and kissed him, his amber eyes said it all. I will never forget that last gaze. Took me awhile to figure out what he was trying to tell me.

All the cats are chipped; so, it is my hope that, one day, we will get a call from a vet saying he has a cat named Biscuit.

I don't care if he is a zillion miles away, I will bring Boo to unite with his sibling, Biscuit.