Friday, April 22, 2011

Last-Minute Easter Recipes

Okay. DON'T PANIC! Yes, Easter is just a few days away and you still have a ton of things to do. And, yes, it's all about YOU because NO ONE else is helping. Correct?

Take a deep breath. Exhale. All will be fine. And, remember, "fine" rhymes with "wine." Pour yourself a glass. Plop in some ice cubes.

Here are some pretty simple, common-sense recipes that people will love from Kitchen Bounty you might want to try. Just click on the underlined recipe name.


Nothing says EASTER like carrots. So why aren't carrots ever served with the ham or lamb? Ham? These carrots are just terrific and guests and family will ask you for the recipe. They will become a family favorite. Make ahead and re-warm before serving.
Kitchen Bounty: Baked Carrots


The most simple of ingredients take ordinary potatoes to the extraordinary. Make ahead and re-warm before serving.
Kitchen Bounty: Mashed Potatoes


If you're making a baked ham, go for it!
Kitchen Bounty: Apple-Onion Casserole


Okay, "apples and onions" is too complicated. I got you covered. Make this homemade applesauce and your guests and family will be having not seconds .... but thirds.
Two Applesauces--One Plain, One Fancy - From The Midwest - Open Salon


I can't think of a better companion to ham than sweet potatoes and apples.
Kitchen Bounty: sweet potatoes

Did you buy a pre-purchased dessert but would like to serve something homemade that says, "YEA, I made this!!!!!"? I suggest these two recipes. The lemon cake is bliss and sooooooooo easy. Cut it into squares. The raspberry cake requires a bit more beating or mixing, but so divine for a spring dessert.

Kitchen Bounty: A Simple Lemon Cake
This cake needs NO adornments.

Kitchen Bounty: Fresh Raspberry Cake
Serve with a squirt of whipped cream and a mint leaf.


Easter egg hunts. Church. Choir. Family pictures. Don't worry. How about a simple coffee cake or two? Make the following the night before and refrigerate.
Kitchen Bounty: Crescent Roll Cheese Cake Squares

Or try a classic--a sour cream, brown-sugar cinnamon, pecan coffee cake:
Foodie Tuesday--Pecan Coffee Cake - From The Midwest - Open Salon

Okay. Still in a panic but not over the sides? What to do for the MAIN MEAL?  Kitchen Bounty has you covered. I'd be proud to serve any of these recipes for Easter dinner:

Foodie Tuesday--Rack of Lamb, Just in Time for Easter! - From The Midwest - Open Salon

Kitchen Bounty: baked ham

Kitchen Bounty: stuffed pork tenderloin

Kitchen Bounty: pork tenderloin with rosemary and garlic