Friday, July 10, 2015

Good-Bye, Best Friend Ever! You, Wait For Me!

Not an easy day, dear Subscribers. How did I get through this?

I cradled and rocked him. Told him how much I loved him. Thanked him for all that he had given to me through the years, so many years, including the now-beautiful scar above my lip in his early scary, feral days. I wear it like a badge. A wedding ring.

Acute kidney failure.

The last two days, he wanted to sit on the back porch facing the woods. He knew. He loved Nature.

At the Vet's he was so unusually quiet. Tired. Exhausted. His head nestled in the nook of my arm. A slight purr. Tears into fur. And then stares ... beyond the beyond.

For as long as we were together, each day I left where I lived, I told him, "Bye, Chalk, you wait for me."

And he did.

Among hugs, caresses and kisses, tears, deep sobs, those were my last love words to him. "You wait for me." And I know he will.


Chahaya @ Sweet Si Bon said...

Your good-bye post brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. I have always had a special place in my heart for felines. Amazing creatures that add so much to our lives. Animals know when their time to pass is near and I think for them to have someone there who they love and trust truly comforts them and eases their passing from this world. I still feel grateful to have been with our kitty of 13 years when she passed a while back. My heart-felt thoughts go out to you.

Kitchen Bounty said...

Years have passed ... Thank-you for that heart-felt response. Chalk is still with me ... For the past two years I have been tending, feeding, caring for six feral cats. I know Chalk is looking over all of it. I also know I need to take one or two home ... tough decision. All I know is this ... I spend over 100.00 a month to feed these feral cats. It has been worth every penny. Snow, ice, rain ... I make sure to be there ... I have never ever been loved so unconditionally when I show up! We are given tasks in this life ... I hope this was my task. And the cats. Love is simple and kind. Uncomplicated. Stay tuned .... Buying a camera to film ... Love....