Saturday, February 5, 2022

Let's Go Shopping, 2

Here are some kitchen treats I have purchased this year. Always fun to spend a lazy morning or afternoon surfing Amazon, etc. I quit my part time employment in November. It was fun to use that paycheck for things such as this ... I may need to ask for it back ....

1. Salt Cellar. I have a mini cast-iron, enameled Dutch oven with a lid that I usually keep my salt in. Unfortuanatly, it reacts with our southern humidity and rusts. And it's difficult to clean. So when I saw this heavy glass salt cellar, it fit the bill. It's roomy, heavy, and easy to keep clean.

2. I'm forever searching for that bulb of garlic that I know I have ... where did I put it? This beauty solves the problem. Once the bulb of garlic is separated, it keeps the papery skins hidy-tidy inside the box and not all over my kitchen. Plenty of room for several bulbs and/or a few shallots, too. Plus it just looks cool.

3. Check out this big-boy spatula! I saw an on-line chef use this for fish and I immediately did a Google search. No, it's not something you will use often. It's the tool for the right recipe ... and you'll be glad you have it when you need it

4. I absolutely love this little mixer/whisker. I originally bought it to mix ingredients when I make my soap. But I love it to beat eggs or liquids for a recipe. It kind of works like a top: push down and the tines twirl around and around. Easy peasy. Just be sure to give it a good rinse when you are done and before washing.

5. I love anything Mason and Cash from England. They have unique sizes and their ceramics are well-made and heavy. Since I cook/bake so many smaller-sized recipes, these bakers are perfect. They are very roomy and I like that they are deep. Great for scalloped potatoes, mini Mac-and-cheese, individual apple crisps . . . Getting more and more difficult to find. I'm particularly fond of their "cane ware" which is a basic dark beige.

6. I see more and more cooks using measuring scoops instead of cups. And with good reason. They are much easier to use. 

7. I appreciate the sturdiness and versatility of restaurant dishes. Good deals abound. Here are some recent ones I purchased off eBay:

Small "ivy" bowls. So convenient.

Bread plates. These were a bargain!

8. MOULIN. A "mouli" is a French vegetable grinder. I have had mine for over ten years and recently the tines bent. Nothing minces parsley better than an old Mouli. Some will say "persil" on them for "parsley." Some will simply say "legumes" for vegetables. If you ever see one in an antique store or thrift shop, grab it! Only wash by hand and dry before storing.

9. I am seeing more and more of this old tinware used in photo shoots. I grew up with it. I have a recipe for rye buns that I plan to bake in this. I have another that holds six. But both fit neatly into my Breville counter-top oven. My mother had an entire collection ... Oh, the stuff we should have taken . . .

10. I mostly bake in my Breville counter-top oven. In fact, I haven't turned on my large oven for a good ten years and now use it mainly for storing pots and pans. I tend to use pans/dishes that around 10 x 6 or 10 x 7. It can be tricky to find anything larger. So when I saw these two stoneware pieces, I jumped for joy. They were large, deep and roomy. Plus the had handles! A bit pricey, but they are so well made!

Coming up next: New Cookbooks!

Let's Go Shopping, Part I:

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