Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumnal Snack Ideas

I always get excited when pumpkins and gourds appear at markets. Autumn is my favorite season. It should remind us of the rich harvest and heritage of this planet. Its bounty. No one should ever be hungry. Ever. Politics starves us all.

It was a slow day at work the other day, so I made these little gems from left-over Clementines that serve as the mini pumpkin with a celery stem.

I feed the "dumpster kittens" that live behind the store. I feed them bits of cheese to lure them closer ... closer ... closer. Colby Jack was on sale, so I used that ... and as soon as I cut into it, I knew what I had to do --- candy corn! This little tray of goodies brought lots of smiles from customers' faces. I just wish they knew the plight of those poor kittens ... and so many other hungry Americans ... 

On a lighter note ... Don't forget my ever-popular Witch Fingers! More ideas to follow in the coming weeks leading up to Halloween.

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