Thursday, August 17, 2023

How to Cook Chicken Legs in a Jar

I am remiss to post any recipe I have not tried. This is an exception. I found it immediately captivating and clever. 

The cook is from Romania-- where, BTW, they do a lot of canning as many post WWII countries still do today. Their techniques vary wildly from American practices, so be careful if you follow any of them. Their meat canning videos are always fascinating. 

At first, I thought that was a canning video and became a bit alarmed when I saw the addition of cream. A no-no in the canning world.

But she didn't can any of this. She simply used canning jars--and it's important to use canning jars because of their heat-containing capability.

For one or two people, this is a no-brainer. I supposed one could use a casserole dish but, this, I believe, allows more of a gentle steam and for the rice to absorb all those lovely juices.

A few things I will to different: add a half-piece of bacon for added flavor, use a mix of leeks and onions, add some shredded carrots and I always add thyme to any chicken recipe. 

If you know someone who is ill or having mobility issues, this a great gift containing all the essentials of a balanced meal: starch, protein, veggies. And it's fresh.

Cover jars tightly with tin foil. To be safe, your chicken should register around 165F.

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